Table of Contents

Section Commentary
A1: Dan is Immolated in a Furnace Setting a Tone
A2: Faith, that White Fox Establishing Relationships
A3: The King of Dust Let’s Edit!
A4: The Little Blue Bird The First Chapter
B1: Dan Wakes Up Playing With the Medium
B2: Late for Class Working with Allegory
B3: The Art Museum Momentum
B4: LuLu’s Space-Time Acceleration, S1, E12 Giant Anime Robots
C1: The Sheridanians Alliteration and Memory Magic
C2: Virgil Jango Skyy Writing Dialogue
C3: Leo, the Water-Pipe Drugs in Fiction
Beatrice is Hit by a Bus
Killing Characters and Japanese
The Chain is Pulled
Chaining Sentences
The Wheel Spins
Constructing Parallels
D3: She has Arrived Anxiety and Panic
D4: The Man on the Mountaintop Scene Transitions
E1: The Red Card-Stock Pamphlet Crafting a Culture
E2: To the Airport Things Not Shown
E3: In-Flight Entertainment (LLHST S2 E12) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
E4: Touchdown Playing with Fire
F1. Local Cuisine Real-World Concerns
F2: Religious Ceremony Stepping on Toes
F3. The Ferryman Power Dynamics
F4: The Main Island of Sheridan Big Ol’ Birds and Penguin Pilgrims
G1: Fireflies Fairness to the Opposition
G2: The Kid from Kansas Non-Linear Storytelling, and Folklore
G3: The Great Stand Miscellaneous Motifs
G4: Riding the River Wrapping Things Up
H1: Faith is Struck by Lightning On Black Humor
H2: The Essentials Godel, Escher, Bach and Rick and Morty
H3: Leo in the Library Going Too Far
H4: The Final Presentation The Beatific Vision
I1: Salt and Alcohol Breaking Bad
I2: Ten Thousand Earthworms Body Horror
I3: The Agony is Over Wasting Time
I4: Inside the Mountain The Divine Revelation
J1: Uncle Featherway Conspiracy Theories
J2: Next Friday Commentary: Next Friday