Table of Contents

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Chapter A Commentary
Dan is Immolated in a Furnace Setting a Tone
Faith, that White Fox Establishing Relationships
The King of Dust Let’s Edit!
The Little Blue Bird The First Chapter
Chapter B Commentary
Dan Wakes Up Playing With the Medium
Late for Class Working with Allegory
The Art Museum Momentum
LuLu’s Space-Time Acceleration, S1, E12 Giant Anime Robots
Chapter C Commentary
The Sheridanians Alliteration and Memory Magic
Virgil Jango Skyy Writing Dialogue
Leo, the Water-Pipe Drugs in Fiction
Beatrice is Hit by a Bus Killing Characters and Japanese
Chapter D Commentary
The Chain is Pulled Chaining Sentences
The Wheel Spins Constructing Parallels
She has Arrived Anxiety and Panic
The Man on the Mountaintop Scene Transitions
Chapter E Commentary
The Red Card-Stock Pamphlet Crafting a Culture
To the Airport Things Not Shown
In-Flight Entertainment (LLHST S2 E12) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Touchdown Playing with Fire
Chapter F Commentary
Local Cuisine Real-World Concerns
Religious Ceremony Stepping on Toes
The Ferryman Power Dynamics
The Main Island of Sheridan Big Ol’ Birds and Penguin Pilgrims
Chapter G Commentary
Fireflies Fairness to the Opposition
The Kid from Kansas Non-Linear Storytelling, and Folklore
The Great Stand Miscellaneous Motifs
Riding the River Wrapping Things Up
Chapter H Commentary
Faith is Struck by Lightning On Black Humor
The Essentials Godel, Escher, Bach and Rick and Morty
Leo in the Library Going Too Far
The Final Presentation The Beatific Vision
Chapter I Commentary
Salt and Alcohol Breaking Bad
Ten Thousand Earthworms Body Horror
The Agony is Over Wasting Time
Inside the Mountain The Divine Revelation
Chapter J Commentary
Uncle Featherway Conspiracy Theories
Sheridan Writing with Color
LuLu’s Space-Time Acceleration, S2, E13 Flashbacks
The Magritte Hallucinatory Ordinariness
Chapter K Commentary
Instinct How Many Gods Are There
Outside Reality The Shape of a Story
The Antlion Cutting the Turtle and Writing like an Egg
The Return The Masculine and Feminine
Chapter L Commentary
The Expected Visitors The Anticlimax
The Interview with Virgil Blue Asceticism
The Last Meal Christ Imagery
The Magic Circle The Mystery Box
Chapter M Commentary
The Fall Paradise Lost
The Belly of the Beast Mind-Melds
The Escape Plan Wabi-Sabi
The Twist Retrospective on the first half
Chapter N Commentary
Lucille in Command Looking Ahead
The Water Planet A Random Blog Post
Captain Nemo Jules Verne
Recombination The Bishonen Line
Chapter O Commentary
The Egg with 1000 Yolks Immortality
Nemo’s Children Adam and Eve
The Arms Race Ancient Aliens
Earth Explodes One Punch Man and Self-Determination
Chapter P Commentary
The Robot the Size of the Galaxy Artistic Liberty
Chapter Q Commentary
Under the Thumb Reorginization
Chapter R Commentary
The Wheel of Fortune Principal Component Analysis
Chapter S Commentary
Lucille Pulls the Chain Inari, the Fox, and the Jewel
Chapter T Commentary
Wings Apotheosis
Chapter U Commentary
Spokes Fighting Dirty
Chapter V Commentary
The Plan Titles
Chapter W Commentary
Leo Climbs A Torus of Timelines
Leo Ascends Just Desserts
Chapter X Commentary
DanJillian The Teachings of Don Juan
Chapter Y Commentary
The Staring Contest at the End of Time Kaiji the Ultimate Survivor
The House of Eyes Tulpas and Thoughtforms
The Final Form The Rule of Threes (and Fours)
The Dance on the Hurricane Wrapping Up
Chapter Z Commentary
The End And More