Table of Contents

Section Commentary
A1. Dan is Immolated in a Furnace Setting a Tone
A2. Faith, that White Fox Establishing Relationships
A3. The King of Dust Let’s Edit!
A4. The Little Blue Bird The First Chapter
B1. Dan Wakes Up Playing With the Medium
B2. Late for Class Working with Allegory
B3. The Art Museum Momentum
B4. LuLu’s Space-Time Acceleration, S1, E12 Giant Anime Robots
C1. The Sheridanians Alliteration and Memory Magic
C2. Virgil Jango Skyy Writing Dialogue
C3. Leo, the Water-Pipe Drugs in Fiction
Beatrice is Hit by a Bus
Killing Characters and Japanese
The Chain is Pulled
Chaining Sentences
The Wheel Spins
Constructing Parallels
D3. She has Arrived Anxiety and Panic
D4. The Man on the Mountaintop Scene Transitions
E1. The Red Card-Stock Pamphlet Crafting a Culture
E2. To the Airport Things Not Shown
E3. In-Flight Entertainment (LLHST S2 E12) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
E4. Touchdown Playing with Fire
F1. Local Cuisine Real-World Concerns
F2. Religious Ceremony Stepping on Toes
F3. The Ferryman Power Dynamics
F4. The Main Island of Sheridan Big Ol’ Birds and Penguin Pilgrims
G1. Fireflies Fairness to the Opposition
G2. The Kid from Kansas Non-Linear Storytelling, and Folklore
G3. The Great Stand Miscellaneous Motifs
G4. Riding the River Wrapping Things Up
H1. Faith is Struck by Lightning On Black Humor
H2. The Essentials Godel, Escher, Bach and Rick and Morty
H3. Leo in the Library Going Too Far
H4. The Final Presentation The Beatific Vision
I1. Salt and Alcohol Breaking Bad
I2. Ten Thousand Earthworms Body Horror
I3. The Agony is Over Wasting Time
I4. Inside the Mountain The Divine Revelation
J1. Uncle Featherway Conspiracy Theories
J2. Sheridan Writing with Color
J3. LuLu’s Space-Time Acceleration, S2, E13 Flashbacks
J4. The Magritte Hallucinatory Ordinariness
K1. Instinct How Many Gods Are There
K2. Outside Reality The Shape of a Story
K3: Next Friday Commentary: Next Friday