I forgot to post yesterday (because I traveled back to LA from Santa Barbara for Spring Break), so I thought I’d tell you about one of my cats.

First, I think my final in Stochastic Processes last Thursday went pretty well; out of 9 questions, I think I got at least 6. That’s not bad for some math classes. If other people had the issues I did, the curve should be quite comfortable.

Hezzo is much more active than his brother Ajani, which might be why he weighs half as much.  He loves to chase objects we throw near him, but playing a proper game of fetch might be beyond him. He can jump on top of anything in the house, and is more than willing to do so to find pipe-cleaners, his favorite toy. He’s not usually affectionate, but he has his moments in the mid-afternoon when he’ll wander over and fall asleep against you.

Sometimes Ajani bullies him, and with twice the weight to throw around, poor Hezzy doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why my parents occasionally separate them and slip Hezekiah extra food, as AJ has a tendency to hog the dry food. Nevertheless, Hez’s adventurous spirit cannot be stopped; he can evade us for hours, only to turn up lonely and lost on the roof.

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