E4: Touchdown

The third island of Sheridan was barely long enough across to hold an airstrip. Only a handful of people stepped off the plane, and half of them just wandered through gift-shops and stopped at the Starbucks to stretch their legs as the plane refueled. Jay joined only five others waiting to pass through customs.

E4 Commentary: Playing with Fire

In E4: Touchdown Jay arrives in Sheridan. The loud man from the plane keeps up the volume waiting in customs, interrupting Jay’s conversation with two well-traveled Chinese-speakers. The loud man, in his dark sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt, notices their Chinese Atlas uses swastikas to represent temples. The decision to include swastikas in Akayama DanJay was not made lightly. Let’s look at how I try to treat controversial imagery with tact to emphasize my theme. (And if you don’t like how I handled it, tell me in the comments.)

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