Z Commentary: And More

Thanks for reading Akayama DanJay. I enjoy writing in my free time, and I feel more fulfilled having done it in an area where people can pop in and check it out, and including commentary to try explaining what I’m on about. It’s also nice to say, “Hey, check out AkayamaDanJay.com!” and have people say, “huh?” and then I spell it out and maybe they check my website later, if they remember.

But I’ve learned a lot in the last year and a half or so, and it’s time to leave this story and move onto new projects. I hope you can join me in breaking new ground. Here’s my plan:

I want to make a new website called TedWrites.com. This will be easier to tell people about, because I won’t have to say, “well, it’s two characters’ names, except it’s really sort of two-and-a-half characters’ names, see…” The new site will be a hub for all my stories and whatever other projects I assign myself. I’ll move Akayama DanJay onto the new site, in a new order as I’ve mentioned before, but I’ve already planned out the next novel-length-work I want to write.

Y3. The Final Form

“Our region of twisted space-time has reached a particularly interesting scale of size and velocity.”

“Spit it out, Professor.”

“We’ve crossed a threshold,” said Akayama. “We expended energy accelerating space-time to make the Wheel, but now the Wheel is producing energy.”

“Nice!” Lucille watched the Enemy Hurricane crawl through space on its scorpion pincers. “We can use spare energy.”

“Already done,” said Akayama. “I’m converting it directly into mass.”

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