Chapter Two of the Minotaur’s Board-Game

I’ve posted the second chapter of my new story on my new website! In a fantasy world where war is replaced by a board-game, Aria’s minotaur proves a force to be reckoned with when he faces a dwarf in table-war. 

Next Friday I plan to post some short-stories I wrote for my new writing class. I hope you can join me!

Z. The End

“I’m sorry,” she signaled. “Truly, I am. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. But at the same time, did you really think this could end any other way?”

The Enemy Hurricane’s particles signaled back, “What did you do?”

“Space-time is expanding,” signaled Akayama. “Soon it will expand so quickly that it will be impossible for anything to travel faster than the speed of light in vacuum. You’ll drift farther and farther away, faster and faster, until billions of years hence your images are Doppler-shifted beyond ultra-violet and there’s no longer any trace of your existence. By then, maybe even our memory of you will fade.”

Y3. The Final Form

“Our region of twisted space-time has reached a particularly interesting scale of size and velocity.”

“Spit it out, Professor.”

“We’ve crossed a threshold,” said Akayama. “We expended energy accelerating space-time to make the Wheel, but now the Wheel is producing energy.”

“Nice!” Lucille watched the Enemy Hurricane crawl through space on its scorpion pincers. “We can use spare energy.”

“Already done,” said Akayama. “I’m converting it directly into mass.”

Y1. The Staring Contest at the End of Time

Anihilato’s mouth curved into a grin. Through the petrifying battle of glares, it managed to speak. “You can’t win, Dan.”

“My name’s Jay now, but call me what you want.”

“You can’t win, DanJay.” Anihilato’s grin spread wide. “Remember a trick you taught me?” It closed its bottom pair of eyes. It reopened them and closed its central pair of eyes. It reopened them and closed its top pair of eyes. “By repeating this, I’ll keep four eyes on you forever. My vision is eternal. Soon you will wink, and decay into an earthworm for me to slurp.”

Tears streamed from Jay’s closed left eye.

“You’re right to cry,” said Anihilato. “I’ll savor squashing your hubris.”

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