K4 Commentary: The Masculine and Feminine

In K4. The Return Faith demands an explanation from the Biggest Bird, the creature who rules the afterlife. The Biggest Bird lets her visit reality, where she meets Jay, bringing us up to speed with the last chapter.

Again, I’m running out of topics for commentary. I can’t spoil too much about the afterlife, and there’s only so much to be said about non-linear storytelling. So this week, I thought I’d talk about the distribution of male and female characters in Akayama DanJay.

H4 Commentary: The Beatific Vision

H4. Dan’s Final Presentation involves several final presentations. Dan gives his final presentation in High School. Dan presents himself to Beatrice with a gift from Faith. And, Dan provokes Leo into presenting his swastika tattoo for the party-goers. It’s the longest section so far, and it will probably be the longest in the book; it was originally a whole chapter, but I decided to condense it because no one wants to spend a whole chapter about a guy with anxiety trying to go to a party.

Dan’s moments with Beatrice reflect the Beatific Vision, the direct religion revelation. In the commentary for B2 I discussed how the poet Dante Alighieri loved a woman named Beatrice but she married another man and then died young. Dante never stopped obsessing over Beatrice, and wrote her into his vision of heaven in the Paradiso. It’s said Dante once had a dream that God made Beatrice eat his flaming heart, which is fucking metal, but also wonderfully symbolic.