T Commentary: Apotheosis

Akayama couldn’t preside over the afterlife if she hadn’t made Sheridan. That was her training-ground for godhood. DanJay failed to defeat Anihilato as Dan, but as Jay, he has another shot. Lucille’s discovery of her parents’ fate pushes her to be merciless in battle. So the climax should wrap all these lessons in a nice package.

M4 Commentary: Retrospective on the First Half

I’m more or less using this site to host the second draft of a novel while I write it, under the guise of a weekly web series. Eventually I hope to clean up the text and see if I can get it published for realsies, or self-publish it on Amazon, or something. (Many publishers won’t consider anything previously posted online, but I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.)

The first half definitely needs cleaning up. I included everything I wanted to write about—but I still need to make it good.

G4 Commentary: Wrapping Things Up

G4: Riding the River is the end of a story arc. Jay has finished his tour through Sheridan, and next week he’ll be back in LA. I’ve done my best handling loose story threads: the Chinese couple, Eva, and Lilly share a moment of closure, while Leo/’Henry’ will appear again; I’ve dangled him on purpose. Let’s examine this ending to see how I try to wrap things up and provide a satisfying conclusion.

First, ‘Craig,’ ‘Suzy,’ Eva, and Lilly share their last moments ‘on-screen.’ Conjoining the endings means I only needed to write one effective scene. If I wanted to address ‘Craig’ and ‘Suzy’ and Eva and Lilly separately, I’d have to write and balance multiple scenes and that sounds hard. It’s more expedient to roll these characters together and finish them all off at once.