Y3. The Final Form

“Our region of twisted space-time has reached a particularly interesting scale of size and velocity.”

“Spit it out, Professor.”

“We’ve crossed a threshold,” said Akayama. “We expended energy accelerating space-time to make the Wheel, but now the Wheel is producing energy.”

“Nice!” Lucille watched the Enemy Hurricane crawl through space on its scorpion pincers. “We can use spare energy.”

“Already done,” said Akayama. “I’m converting it directly into mass.”

U. Spokes

“How horrifying,” said Lucille, to the Enemy Hurricane. She faked a sob while grinning ear to ear. “If you’d relinquish my parents, I’d do anything. I’d even surrender.”

The Enemy Hurricane condensed into a blob which smiled almost broadly as Lucille. “Have I your word?”

“My word.” Lucille covered her heart with her right hand and bent her left arm up at a right angle. “Eject them for me to inspect. They must be ordinary, breathing humans, and they must not be represented in your mind afterward. Then we surrender.”

“Commander!” said Feito.

“You can’t surrender on our behalf!” said Eisu.

“I accept your conditions.” The Enemy Hurricane spat two human bodies from its slobbery maw. “Inspect them at your leisure.”

R. The Wheel of Fortune

“You heard her!” Lucille shouted in her microphone to the ten thousand pilots of her Galaxy Zephyr. “Transfer power to our heart!”

Feito saluted on Lucille’s main monitor. “Are you sure, Commander?”

Eisu saluted beside his sister on the monitor. “Without power, we can’t even try to escape the thumb.”

Daisuke saluted above Feito. “Commander, I recommend fleeing at full speed.”

Above Eisu, Charlie lit a cockroach and puffed. “Transferring power.”

O4. Earth Explodes

As she spoke, the Earth exploded. Billions of humans died instantly.

“What the F***.” Lucille braced against the shock-waves of the explosion. Earth had no survivors. “Holy s***!”

“Oh, no.” Daisuke covered his heart. 

Charlie’s only eye watched Earth’s debris fly past the moon. “It’s over.” His cockroach fell from his lips. “It’s all over, so suddenly.”

“It’s far from over. We’re still here.” Lucille shouted in her microphone. “Everyone! Let’s combine into the big guy!”

O1. The Egg with 1000 Yolks

As she fell into the red planet’s gravity well, the mountain which had jettisoned her opened a caldera into which she fell. Soft sand at the core of the planet caught her like a trampoline.

The planet rumbled around her. “Have we made progress?”

“ I did not expect these results so soon.” Akayama made a blue tentacle and stuck it in the dark wall. Through it she transmitted images to the planet. “Look, there was a man under the sand. Did you put him there? I named him Nemo.”

“Only one man?” The planet’s core contracted in disappointment. “How long until each of my pilots has a private person to possess?”

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