H3 Commentary: Going Too Far

In H3: Leo in the Library Dan goes too far. I’ve talked previously about how I’m trying to handle Nazis and swastikas with a sense of cultural tact, but in this section I’m deliberately transgressing those boundaries. Dan, shaken by his father’s suicide, won’t hold his tongue while Leo flaunts his swastika tattoo.

And rightly so. After Faith and Beatrice kiss in front of him, Leo says he wants to round up all the gays and shoot them. Leo’s ideology is mostly based on whatever suits him at the time rather than any particular brand of Neo-Nazism, except perhaps the modern American internet-bred alt-right. He’s more of a wannabe Neo-Nazi than anything else. (Someone in middle school once told me the “shoot the gays” line in total honesty. He always wondered why he had no friends.)

But Dan doesn’t just stand up to Leo…