N1 Commentary: Looking ahead

I don’t mind spoiling this: almost all of the next thirteen chapters take place in the anime-world. Akayama DanJay is a story with two major halves, and the DanJay half ended in chapter L. When Jay ate the centipede he began the second half of the book, the Akayama part.

I mentioned last week that the DanJay part of my story is pretty slow and needs to be tightened up. I think the Akayama part has a faster, more intriguing pace: it begins with the reveal that Akayama survived on the Hurricane Planet for years, and now Lucille plots to destroy the Hurricane once and for all in a giant robot. That’s a lot more instantly gripping than Dan whining about Beatrice not sleeping with him.

M4 Commentary: Retrospective on the First Half

I’m more or less using this site to host the second draft of a novel while I write it, under the guise of a weekly web series. Eventually I hope to clean up the text and see if I can get it published for realsies, or self-publish it on Amazon, or something. (Many publishers won’t consider anything previously posted online, but I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.)

The first half definitely needs cleaning up. I included everything I wanted to write about—but I still need to make it good.